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Touching Video: Son Broke Into Tears After His Military Dad Paid Him A Surprise Visit

This article featured a male kid who haven't seen his military Dad in a while, but the Dad decided to surprise him with his presence during the kid's boxing training session. Read to the end and watch the touching video to see the priceless reaction of the son when he saw his dad.

A young kid has received what I called the greatest present he will never forget, during his boxing training session in a new video.

In the video, it appears that the son has not seen his dad in a long time, probably due to the nature of the Dad's job. The dad is a military personnel as we can see him in his uniform.

During the kid's boxing training, he was blindfolded as he faced his opponent. The innocent kid fought so well without knowing that he was fighting his dad and not his trainer.

But the Dad called him 'son' and asked him to punch harder, that he can do better. The kid continue to fight with all his strength without recognizing the voice.

The dad called him 'son' the second time and asked him to punch harder. At this point, the voice rank a bell on the kid's head as he stopped and replied 'Dad!'. The father kept silent, but the son quickly took off his blindfold in order to verify his instincts.

Immediately the boy saw that it was his dad, he jumped and hugged him while he began to seriously cry. His dad hugged him back and curdled him while the people watching cheered them up.

Watch the video below to get a better view of the kid's priceless reaction when he saw his dad.

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