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La Liga

The First Ever La Liga Table Barcelona Won The League ( 1929 Season)

Laliga is a tournament held in spain, well it was trace back as early as 1929, where only 10 teams first started it in which the winner emerged to be Barcelona. The ten teams that featured in it includes Fc Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad , Arenas, Athletico Madrid, Espanyol, Europa, Real Union and Racing.

Well the first ever time Laliga came into glime light 10 clubs make up the team and then Barcelona managed to win their feat, they played a total of 18 games and acquired 25 points that year, Real Madrid came second with 23 points to their name, then the third club was Athletic Bilbao with a total of 20 points, while Real socidad came fourth with 20 points and Fall apart having less Goal to their name.

Arenas and Athletico Madrid came fifth and sixth respectively acquiring a total of 19 and 18 points respectively, while Espanyol and Europa are pitted at Seventh and Eight position with total point of 18 and 16 between them, then finally Real union and Racing are pitted at Ninth and ten they have a total of 13 and 9 point between them

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