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Was Critiano Ronaldo a Wrong Signing for Juventus?

An Italian former player, Antonio Cassano was recently criticized the Juventus decision to bring in Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cessano looks like was not pleased with the performance of the Portuguese since arriving at the Old Ladies claiming that Juventus have done worse with him than they've done before his arrival.

The former Inter Milan forward believed that Juventus signed Ronaldo in order to win the Champions League because without him, the Old Ladies would have won the Scudetto.

Worse still, it is not very clear if Juventus will win the Italian Serie A this season and the Champions League is not sure as well.

The unclear question is that, did Juventus truly signed Cristiano Ronaldo to win the Champions League?

Did Juventus truly planned to build a PROJECT WIN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE around Ronaldo?

It is good to build a team around a player but it is always a bad decision. What if the player get injured and out of the season? what happen to the team?

The fact is that, a player can never be a team. Cristiano is just a player in the Juventus team and nothing less.

I am not sure signing Ronaldo by Juventus was a wrong decision. There is no sane team that will sign a player all in the name of winning Champions League without considering other players.

Cristiano have always being and will continue to be a good player till his retirement. If Juventus did not win the Champions League with Ronaldo, it is all down to the whole team and not just him.

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