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7 Popular Footballers Who Fought With Their Teammates on the Pitch

Football is a contact sport and involves a lot of emotions. And sometimes, when the players are overcome with a lot of emotions, it can result in, not just the usual physical contact, but a more violent contact with an opposing player.

A number of times, we've seen fighta happen between players and their opponents. Certain players like Gattuso, Vinnie Jones, Pepe and Diego Costa are well-known for their aggressive nature on the pitch, and so it's not surprising to see them charge at an opponent.

However, when a footballer engages in a fight with his teammate right on the pitch, it's really something weird, or what do you think?

1. Kieron Dyer vs Lee Bowyer

Two Newcastle players Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer surprisingly started exchanging blows in the middle of an EPL match in 2005.

2. Sergio Ramos and Sergio Reguilon

I know you wouldn't be surprised to find Ramos' name on the list. He once confronted his Real Madrid teammate Reguilon after they had a misunderstanding during training on the pitch, and he (Ramos) kicked the ball twice at Reguilon.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Oguchi Onyewu

While they were both teammates at AC Milan, Ibrahimovic and Onyewu faced off against each other, with the former headbutting the latter. A fight ensued- and Ibrahimovic broke a rib as a result.

4. Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor

Again, two Newcastle teammates Carroll amd Taylor had a clash. It was reported that Carroll's ex was sending text messages to Taylor and it resulted in a fight between the two teammates, who both suffered injuries (a broken hand and a broken jaw) afterwards.

5. John Hartson and Eyal Berkovic

While they were training, West Ham player John Hartson made a tackle at teammate Berkovic, who fell and while Hartson tried to help him to his feet, he (Berkovic) refused and flung his arm in protest. Hartson then replied with a kick straight to his face.

6. Joey Barton and Ousmane Dabo

Who doesn't know Joey Barton for his short temper? In the year 2007, he attacked his teammate Dabo and left him unconscious. Dabo had to be rushed to the hospital and Barton was rewarded with a jail sentence of four months, as well as a six-match ban.

7. Roberto Manci and Mario Balotelli

This time it was between a player and his coach. Man City defender Gael Clichy had just returned from injury, when Balotelli made a rough tackle on him during training. Man City manager Roberto Mancini intervened, grabbing Balotelli by his shirt collar, regulating in a player-manager clash.

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