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Two Things That Have Reduced Cristiano Ronaldo's Work Rate On The Football Pitch

Following his winning strike against Atalanta in the Champions league yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo has now bagged 795 official goals to keep his stellar career pressing forward. However, despite his Impressive goalscoring exploits, the only criticism the Portuguese International seems to be attracting is in the area of his on field work ethic. Many believe that he has gone from an Influential game player to a moments player where he no longer puts pressure on the opposition defenders.

But Ronaldo's wasn't always a momentary player waiting to tap in the goals and that's why in this article, I will be sharing with you two reasons behind his on field work rate reduction in recent times;

1- Increasing Age

It is pertinent to note that Ronaldo is no longer the same player he was when he first arrived Old Trafford in 2003. He is no longer playing at 26, but 36 and for a footballer his age, one shouldn't be expecting to see him run up and down the pitch throwing passes and making tackles like the youngsters. The Portugese International is aging and to still be playing at top level is something that his worthy of commendation as many of his contemporaries have since declined and retired.

So to say, in order for his body not to disappoint him on the pitch, the 36 year has decided to forego doing too much on the pitch to doing what's most important for the team, which is scoring goals.

2- Fear Of Injury

Another major factor behind Ronaldo's work rate reduction is perhaps the fear of getting injured. Injuries are an inevitable part of the physicality of football and no matter how good a player is, you can't help your team when you're sidelined. Being a serial winner, Ronaldo wants to be seen involving in every game and anything that makes it impossible for him to be on the pitch doesn't always sit down well with him. We saw how Injury forced him out of the 2016 Euro final, one that he could have probably avoided if he had not gone for the challenge with Dmitri Payet. Ronaldo has learnt over the years, he now knows he doesn't have to be involved in every interception to avoid picking up a knock and he has avoided excessive dribbling as well. His job as of now is to score goals, whether it be loose balls, tap ins or penalties, it doesn't really matter to him as long as there are counted.

Needful to say that Ronaldo is already a successful player irrespective of how his career pans out in the coming years, there was a time when he was at the center of dribbles and tracking back to help his team anywhere he can, but he is no longer playing in that era anymore.

Owing to his increasing age and the fact that he abhors injury, the Portugese International has decided to keep himself only for the moments where he can score goals and dominate the headlines.

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