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Navas punished for attending party and apologized after arguing with Leonardo

Live broadcast March 4th According to the Spanish newspaper "Aspen", quoting the French "Team", Paris Saint-Germain's Costa Rican goalkeeper Navas was punished by Paris for participating in the party after the team lost, Navas and Paris Sports manager Leonardo disputed, but he apologized afterwards.

Paris Saint-Germain lost to Dortmund 1-2 away in the first round of the Champions League 1/8 final. After the game, some Paris players had a party to celebrate Di Maria's (February 14) and Cavani's (February 14) and Icardi's (February 19th) birthday, Navas and Neymar both attended the party.

The Paris Club was unhappy after learning about this. They considered that the team had just lost and thought that it had a bad impact on the team. In the subsequent Ligue 1 league (4-3 home defeat to Bordeaux), they let Navas sat on the bench as a punishment for him.

"Team Report" said that Tuhel was very unhappy about the players partying, and Leonardo had a dispute with Navas. Navas had a bad attitude and Leonardo was tit-for-tat, but Navas later apologized.

And this episode is over. In the French league last weekend, Navas returned to the starting lineup. He said, "The team played very well. We are united. I think this is the most important thing. I am angry? Rumors A lot, but I'm fine. I always fight for my teammates. Whether they are on the field or on the training field, they also fight for me, so I am very happy. "

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