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Expensive Purchases That NBA Players Made

Almost every player who signs a NBA contract is rich right away because even some players who receive low payment still make a lot of money, but some NBA players that are very rich make a lot of expensive purchases.

(1)Dereck Rose

This player is the second of only two players to ever win a MVP award as a Chicago Bulls player.

As the first pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, this player signed four years contract worth $22million, but when his contract expired, he renewed his contract and signed a five year contract worth $100million.

After signing an expensive deal, Rose decided to start a car collection. Rose bought a lot of cars, but he bought a Bugatti Veyron which costed him no less than $1.7million.

(2)John Wall

In 2017, this player made an expensive purchase that ended up being a gift for his teammates.

In 2011, Wall was selected by the Washington Wizards as the first NBA Draft pick and he started swimming in money.

In July of 2017, Wall renewed his contract with the Washington Wizards for an astonishing $207million, so John had so much money than he could know what to do with it.

In December of 2017, Wall bought all his 16 teammates Gold plated Rolex watches, and each watches cost Wall about $40,000, this means he spent almost $700,000 for his teammates.

(3)Dwayne Wade

This player is one of the most decorated player in Basketball's history, this means he would have a lot of money stashed in his bank.

In 2016, Wade hired a luxury brand from New York City to design him a customized pair of sneakers, but these sneakers would become the most expensive shoes in the world.

The sneakers were covered with Diamonds, Sapphires, and even Gold. The Gold made the sneakers very heavy and unable for Wade's usage, but he paid no less than $4million for the shoes.

(4)Michael Jordan

This player is probably the most richest NBA player in the world because he is currently estimated to be worth around $2billion.

In 2019, Jordan made a purchase that shocked many people. He bought a yacht for $80million and he pays $840,000 a week for for maintenance and payments for his staffs. This means he pays $40,320,000 a year for maintenance and payments for his staffs.

Which of these purchases stunned you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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