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The 7 Year Old Great Footballer With Over 4 Million Instagram Followers

Arat Hosseini is a 7 year old boy from Iran with incredible skills in football, this little boy has been working so hard to improve his skills. Arat was born on the 30th day of September in 2003. He is also known as little messi.

Arat Hosseini has even impressed the worlds best footballer Lionel Messi with his skills. The 7 year old could definitely be one of the worlds best player in the future. Arat said he is very well interested in the Barcelona team and wishes to play at Camp Nou once he is due or mature enough, right now Arat is currently under Liverpool's junior academy.

Arat at this early age showcases impressive skills in every game he plays with his peers and no footballer has ever showed such skill while at his age. The 7 year old has gone popular on social media platform Instagram with over 4 million followers.

The young player knows the value of hard work, he knows it does take a lot to become a great player and so he tries to put in more effort in every game he plays.

In opinion if Arat was an already grown up even with his present skills he would still be better than so many footballers.

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