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American football


Here are top five footballers in the world

Football is the world’s most popular ball game in numbers of participants and spectators. Simple in its principal rules and essential equipment, the sport can be played almost anywhere, from official football playing fields (pitches) to gymnasiums, streets, school playgrounds, parks, or beaches. Football’s governing body, 

Affiliation football, generally known as football or soccer, is a game played between two groups of eleven players with a circular ball. It is played by 250 million parts in more than 200 nations, making it the world's most famous game. The game is played on a rectangular field with an objective at each end. The object of the game is to score by kicking the ball into the restricting objective. The goalkeepers are the solitary players permitted to contact the ball with their hands or arms while it is in play and afterward just in their punishment zone. Outfield players generally utilize their feet to strike or pass the ball, yet may think carefully to strike the ball all things being equal. The group that scores the most objectives before the finish of the game dominates. On the off chance that the score is tied toward the finish of the game, either a draw is announced or the game goes into additional time or potentially a punishment shootout relying upon the arrangement of the opposition. The Laws of the Game were initially classified in Britain by The Football Relationship in 1863. Affiliation football is represented universally by the Global League of Affiliation Football which coordinates a World Cup like clockwork.

Here are top footballer in the world

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