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Ranked: The 25 Dirtiest Players In World Football

This standard issue is based on the player tackle, dive, flop, play actor and bad attitude of the player. They are as well professional footballers with good grades. Here are the25 dirtiest in world football.

1. Marco Materazzi

Marco Materazzi is one footballer who has never divided opinions but has turned dirty play into an art form. He is seen or known as the master of gamesmanship, and giving his opponents little issue like trips, nudge and the likes. Look further in the 2006 world cup finals.

2. Nigel De Jong

He is one of the most infamous dirty players in football. He uses his body as a weapon against his opponents, and he's almost a yearly contributor to the worst tackles of the year and doesn't do anything to make up for his attitude.

3. Robbie Savage

His violent tactics and tackles are renowned. Derby County man has been relegated, but he keeps tormenting the lower divisions of English football.

4. Joey Barton

Ever since or almost since his career began he has been a trouble maker at St.James. He is a violent tackler who has seen his fair yellow cards in his career and he keeps getting in to troubles.

5. Michael Brown

He is one of infamous goons for years now in England and it's a standard he worked for. Brown has been involved in numbers of on field incidents and malicious tackles.

6. Nemanja Vidic

He is racked up to 23 total cards or so in the tenure at Manchester united. He uses his size as full advantage, pushing, tripping and running through his opponents to totally keep them from scoring.

7. Giorgio Chiellini

He might be one of the best central defensive men in the world nonetheless he also might be among the world dirtiest footballers on field. He pushes trips and tackles his opposing opponents.

8. Lee Cattermole

He is a wild challenger who had often been accused of using dirty tactics like brutal tackles.

9. Karl Henry

Henry wolves' midfielder really possesses a brutal tackle and he as been add to the list of the dirtiest footballers.

10. Kevin Davies

He is forward, a punishing one, which uses his strength and size to bully the smaller defender on the field during a match. He frequently shove his opponents also on the field.

11. Jamie Carragher

He not really a fast defender but gets to grab and pushes his opponents in order to keep them from scoring.

12. Lee Bowyer

He is a Premier League infamous goons. He is an aggressive tackler who sometimes play the man and not the ball.

13. Michel Salgado

Hi s physical style of play would have been suited to the 70's or 80's. Salgado makes brutish tackles on the field and crosses paths with officials in modern games.

14. Stephen Hunt

He is a midfielder in wolves who is one of the notorious footballer with a good reason.

15. Cristiano Ronaldo

Football megastar, who is really a talented attacker in the history of football but also might be the biggest flopper in memory with his theatrics.

16. Didier Drogba

He is a legendary diver with high flying leaps and catastrophic falls.

17. Michael Ballack

He has a sterling reputation in football. He makes reckless tackles with regularity and manages to escape serious punishment in many cases.

18. Javier Mascherano

He plays dirty, who one occasion was looking for the referee whistle and probably deciding whether or not he feign an injury to get it.

19. Arjen Robben

He might be one of the world talented football player but his performance in 2010 world cup he seemed to be aiming for his opponent Oscar. He is Flopper and loves nothing more than getting in a referee ear when he doesn't get a call he thinks he should.

20. Emmanuel Eboue

The Arsenal back Emmanuel Eboue is a notorious flopper in the world and has been added to the list of the dirtiest player.

21. Diego Forlan

The best striker in Uruguayan history. In 2010 world cup you see Diego gets notorious from a slight tough from his opponents and it was occasionally mentioned by the broadcasters.

22. Steven Gerrard

He is one the best mid-fielders in the world. He tackles poorly in time and as a reputation as one of football more infamous divers. But also the world biggest divers in The English national.

23. Thierry Henry

He had a reputation as a dive artist before he gained the bitter hate of the entire Ireland with the handball in the 2010 world cup qualifying.

24. Gabriel Heinze

One of the worst defensive defense men in recent memory who often gets flops which put him on the list.

25. Paul Scholes

The most talented mid-fielders of his generation. Perhaps his tackles are bit accident, this might cause him going down if Alex Ferguson had taught him how to tackle properly.

Content created and supplied by: Joshua.Ebuo (via Opera News )

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