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Lionel Messi does not practice free-kicks says Nelson Semedo

Lionel Messi is God gifted you can not describe or imitate his pattern of play, when the round leather object is glued to his feet his next line of action is unpredictable.

He can decide to take on 5 defenders where other players will pass, he can decide to make a pass from an impossible angle.

His freekick can get the goalkeeper and the wall confused, this generation is indeed blessed to witness such magnificent beauty.

I never once saw him take a free kick in training, I swear he never did semedo said.

They say practice makes perfect, with him it was no practice and it was still perfect.

Messi is just too intelligently talented, most things he does, he makes them look normal.

Reasons why even when he's facing challenges now in barca, with all Bartomeu did to that club and the mental jeopardy the transfer saga brought to him.

he still outplayed top players both in Spain and europe, shows how gifted he is Please enjoy him now because time is against him.

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