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Checkout The Man That Became A Billionaire A Year After His Death

This might might look strange, but the estate of the late basketball legend, Kobe Bryant recently reached a billion dollars. The affairs of his estate are now being managed by his wife, Vanessa Bryant.

Unfortunately, he did not live long to see how he became a billionaire. In 2020, Kobe and his daughter (Gigi Bryant) died in a helicopter crash. They died on their way to his daughter's basketball match and 7 other people were involved in the helicopter crash.

During his lifetime, he was one of the best and highest paid basketball players in the NBA. He spent all his career in the Los Angeles Lakers.

Before Kobe Bryant retired, he had earned a lot of money and gotten even more from many endorsements. When he retired, he was worth over $600 million dollars.

He made a lot of wise decisions and investments when he was alive. One of those investments was buying a share worth $6 million dollars in a company called Body Amour in March, 2013. Body Amour is a huge American company that produces different types of energy and sports drinks. The money multiplied over the years.

Coca-Cola recently bought out most of the shares in the company. This means that Kobe's wife (Vanessa Bryant) and his daughters are going to get $400 million dollars from the sale. This now makes his estate to be worth a billion dollars. An investment of $6 million dollars in 2014, gave him $400 million dollars.

Although, Kobe is not alive now, but the estate and investments he started is now worth over 1 billion dollars. He would have even made more money if he was still alive, this is because some of his multimillion dollar endorsement contracts were not renewed after he died.

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