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3 Players Who Mocked Their Former Coaches With Goal Celebrations After Meeting Against Them

Apart from the battle that goes on the pitch, football is also an emotional game. One of the things that add beauty to the round leather game is the events that go on and off the pitch. Some coaches have said words that have battered their player's confidence and ego while some reminded them of their talents and pushed them up for success.

 Some player's careers were ruined by the things said by their former coaches while some saw it as a challenge, work harder on themselves, and finally showed these coaches what they are capable of doing. The football game, no doubt, is full of thrills and tumbles.

This article presents to you three players who were told to leave their former clubs because the coaches perceived them to be surplus to requirement or not part of plans. These players went on to score a goal against their former coaches and mocked them with goal celebrations. 

1. Last Night Suarez And Koeman

(Credit: ESPN)

Barcelona coach, Ronald Koeman told Luiz Suarez in August 2020 that he was too old to perform at the top level. He was expected to leave the club because he wasn't part of the Koeman project. Suarez wasn't happy about the decision and felt he was underrated.

Last night, Suarez hunts his former club and coach by scoring a goal and an assist for Atletico Madrid which further put pressure on the embattled Barcelona coach, Ronald Koeman. 

Suarez seems to be mocking Koeman last night with his "calling" goal celebration. 

2. Pedro And Jose Mourinho

(Credit: KingSparo)

Pedro was told by Jose Mourinho that he wasn't part of the plans on taking over as AS Roma coach. Pedro had to find solace in Lazio after Jose Mourinho revealed his plans to him. 

As if it was a revenge mission, Pedro scored the opening goal for Lazio against Mourinho's Roma and doesn't hesitate to show the manager what he is capable of by his goal celebration. The match ended 3-2 in favor of Lazio. 

3. Kevin Ellison and Former Boss

(Credit: Daily Mail)

Newport County striker, Kevin Ellison mocked former coach, Derek Adams after forcing him to train alone while at Morecambe. It happened that Derek Adams released Kevin Ellison on a free transfer after joining the club. Ellison came as a substitute during the Newport County match against his former boss.

 He mocked his former coach by screaming in his face after scoring a goal. Keven labeled his former Boss as disrespectful for forcing him to train alone while at his former club.

Which of these three stories do you find interesting? Share your thoughts from the comments section. 

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