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Blind Football: A Game Of Passion

Football is a game of passion and a game of love, regardless of the physical condition or state of individuals, football can be enjoyed by several means, either playing or watching (viewing), football can be enjoyed to the fullest. In this article we shall be considering a sporting event which is beginning to gain fame around the world because of the passion engraved within the players hearts (Blind Football).

Blind Football is a variation of futsal organized for players who are blind or visually impaired. It is currently a paralympic event and the International Blind Sports Association (IBSA) also organizes a World Championship.

A total of 10 players play on the pitch, unlike football where a total of 22 players play. Although they're some few alterations to the game, such as

• Each team has 5 players who play on the pitch;

• Each team has 4 blind outfield players and a goalkeeper who's not blind;

• At the back of the post there is a guide who directs the players on which angle and how to shoot the ball;

• The ball contains a sound system such as a mini bell which jingles in order to alert the players of the position of the ball.

• The pitch contains two penalty spots, one 6 meters away from the goal line and the other 8 meters away.

Furthermore, blind football or soccer is beginning to make waves in different countries, and we hope in the near future that football will be enjoyable by everyone, regardless of the physical condition of an individual.

In conclusion, more attention should be given to blind football/soccer by footballing bodies and fans all over the world.

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