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Why Some Outfield Players Wear Gloves

  Gloves are meant to be worn by goalkeepers as it increases their grip on the ball. It also minimises the effect of the velocity of the shots they have to save. 

  However, you would have come across outfield players who wear gloves. Gloves wearing by outfield players started gaining ground in the 80s and the 90s. 

   I could still remember when I started watching football, I usually thought that a player wears gloves in a match if he wants to score in that match. Just recently, I realised this is not so and that is why I would be sharing the reasons why outfield players wear gloves. 

   Gloves are meant to protect players from cold temperatures. During cold temperatures, the hands, and feet which are the extreme parts of the body get cold first. This is because the body is designed to reduce the level of blood flow to the body extremities which are the hands and feet, prioritizing the central of the body where the major organs are. This action results in the shortage of blood in the hands and they become vulnerable to cold. 

   It also has to do with where some players come from. A player from Africa who is used to the tropical weather would find it tough to adapt to the cold temperature in a region like North England. Therefore, he has to wear gloves even when players from the region who are on the same pitch as he aren't. This is one of the reasons why players like Aguero and Gabriel Jesus wear gloves often.

   Wearing gloves also helps players focus on the task at hand instead of having to worry about the cold. This increase in focus helps the players perform at their best. 

Photo Credits: Getty Images and Google photos.

   Wearing gloves is also fashionable as some players believe it makes them look better on the pitch. 

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