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Psg & Neymar: Will This Be Neymar's last Season With Psg?

We could face a big problem and that is if football’s finest talent, Neymar Da Silva Santos leaves the big stage without fulfilling his potentials.

How disappointing that will be to the people who had so much faith in him.

Well, let’s go back to where it all began 14 years back.

A 17-year old Brazilian, evaded two tackles, plays a quick one-two with a teammate, rolls the ball between his legs, uses his inside foot to touch it around two defenders, and then chips a shot past an oncoming goalkeeper.

It couldn’t be anyone else other than the talented Neymar. We still remember clearly how beautiful that goal was. Don’t we?

It was the goal that announced him into the world stage. It was the goal that made the world fall in love with Neymar.

14years later, that goal is only a distant memory now and Neymar hasn’t been quite the same since then.

17year old Neymar is now 31 representing so many unfulfilled potentials and has picked up his fourth ankle injury in four years which could see him leaves Psg this summer.

This article take a look why this season could be the last for the Brazilian at Parc des Princes.

Will Psg Part Ways With Neymar?

Neymar seems to catch the headlines wherever he goes. It’s his type of thing.

To some, it the case of every Brazilian who is seen as the spirit of Samba. To others, it is definitely because of his histrionics attitude. A laissez-faire attitude which see him tarnish the beautiful game.

But for the majority, it is because of his elastico footballing display on the pitch. Neymar is one of the best in the world at-least. Football comes so easily for him.

It was all this that saw him move from Barcelona to Psg in 2017 for that record breaking fee.

Neymar wanted leaving the shadow of Lionel Messi. He wanted the spotlight all for himself. He wanted his own league, his own team and his own applauds. Psg who where in serious search of Champions League glory, offered all that to him.

And for his first season in Paris, it was all what he wanted. He sprung back to life, starring headlines with his 32 goal involvement in 20 ligue 1 starts.

Then in came the injuries. Neymar crumbled due to injury for the rest of that season. Missing out a Champions League match against Real Madrid, of which Psg were knocked out.

Psg had to look elsewhere for help, brought in the sensational teenager, Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe came in and stole part of the headlines from Neymar. The young French man has been remarkably for Psg, especially in the absence of Neymar. Since then, Neymar and Psg relationship has been in decline.

From the media accusing him of being jealous of Mbappe’s success and role at psg, to his off-field disagreement with coaches, and even feuding with teammates, Neymar knows his time at Psg is up.

But that’s only a little part of the story why Psg will let Neymar leave. There’s a lot more than that which this article can’t cover.

Where the problem lies right now is Neymar inability to remain relatively unfit for a full season. And now, with Psg trailing behind Bayern Munich on aggregate in the Champions League round of 16, Neymar is injured once again and look set to miss the remaining part of the season. Pathetic!

It is the reason why Psg will let the Brazilian go this summer. They can no longer keep a player who won’t stay fit and be on the pitch performing so well to redeem his off-field bad attitudes.

All Psg wanted back then was a star man who could get them a champion league trophy. And only Neymar fitted that criteria at that time.

But then, we are now in 2023, and could possibly see the injury-prone Neymar part ways with Psg, without fulfilling that dream.

Perhaps is time for both parties to go separate ways for good. Neymar has to move on, he has to go elsewhere, search for a new club and try as much as he can, to rediscover that 17 year old boy that once shocked the world.

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