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Kenny Omega Reveals He Wants The IMPACT Wrestling World Championship

  • The AEW World Champion wants to add even more gold to his collection.
  • Kenny Omega is looking to pick up more gold, and that may include the IMPACT Wrestling World title.


Kenny Omega made history tonight. The AEW World Champion traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to appear on IMPACT Wrestling alongside his close personal friend and mentor, IMPACT Wrestling EVP Don Callis.

On AEW Dynamite, Kenny Omega stole the AEW World title from Jon Moxley when Don Callis tossed him a microphone. As Moxley hit Callis, that distracted the referee long enough for Omega to take advantage. Several V-Triggers and a One-Winged Angel later, we had a new champion.

Tonight, Kenny Omega appeared on IMPACT Wrestling to explain why he cheated Jon Moxley and stabbed AEW in the back. While he was there, he also laid out a pretty interesting comparison between his current profession and a former hobby. This led him to hint at a future match with the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion.

Kenny Omega calls himself a championship collector; could be eying the IMPACT World title

Josh Mathews interviewed Don Callis and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega on The Best Bout Machine's own private bus. Looking more like his old "Cleaner" self, Omega's confidence was overflowing six days after his big title win.

During his interview with Mathews, Omega stated that he considered himself a collector of sorts. He used to collect comic books, but could never really get his hands on some of the most highly sought-after editions. However, he was able to do something similar when it came to professional wrestling.

"The Action Comics #1, that's Superman's debut by the way. I don't mind if I have X-Men #1 in my collection, the AAA Title. I don't mind if I add a...Spider-Man #1 to my collection. Who knows, maybe that's the IMPACT Championship. You guys have a great champion right?"

Omega said that he loved traveling and would be adding more to his collection as time went on. Could we see Kenny Omega taking the IMPACT Wrestling World title in the future? If he tries, could Rich Swann stop him?

Now, Rich Swann certainly has a reason to introduce himself to The Best Bout Machine. Before Omega's interview, Swann was denied access to the parking lot, because it was for the "World Champion."

With Swann and some of the IMPACT locker room feeling a little disrespected, who's to say that we won't see them appear on Dynamite soon?

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