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5 Things To Learn From Cristiano Ronaldo

Never giving up

You need to fight till the end, it doesn't matter if it is on the football pitch or in life. Yes, there will be many obstacles in your path but you will overcome them sooner or later. Imagine if Ronaldo had given up after Messi won his 4th balón d'or.

Dealing with criticism

“Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable.”- Ronaldo

You should learn to tackle the criticism that comes your way. If you're doing something right no one will appreciate you but if you make a mistake people will criticize you. It's sad but it is true in today's world. Use this criticism constructively to fuel your dreams and carve out a path to achieve them.

Stay away from addictions

It's a trend nowadays. People smoke and drink just to look cool during their teenage years and then get addicted to it as they grow older. These things will do nothing but destroy your life. Stay away or the least you can do is limit the amount of consumption. Ronaldo lost his father due to his addiction to alcohol so he stays away from it.

No substitute for hard work

"You have to work so hard, I do this every day. This is why I have been at the top level for many, many years" - Ronaldo

It is important to embrace the flaws and believe in the opportunities that come one's way. So the process of learning and evolving should never cease. The world is full of talented people and of those, there are more failures than the ones who have succeeded. Talent matters less. What matters is the hard work and dedication.

Family should be your priority

It’s good to desire success. But it’s equally important to care for your family. Without them, you won’t be where you are today. Life is very short, you never know what may happen. The hard truth in life is that you will lose everyone you will love. So are you going to make it count while it lasts? Give them your love, time and attention, because every good thing comes to an end. Ronaldo has never failed to acknowledge all the people who have helped him become the greatest player that he is today.

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