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How do I Convince my Children that these small circled Nations Colonised the big circled Nations?

How do I Convince my Children that these small circled Nations Conquered and Colonised the big circled Countries?

The Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 also known as the Congo Conference, was a watershed in the colonial and imperial conquest of Africa. In that desperate gathering of powerful European countries, Africa was the focal point of discussion.

In this discussion, Africa was never present; not even Ethiopia who was never colonised. Africa like a meat was cut and shared among the big powers; each taking a colony/colonies for colonialism, trade, suzerainty and other exploitative agenda. 

These countries that embarked on the colonial conquests are the ones I called "the small circled countries" such as Belgium, Britain, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, etc. The big circled countries are largely African countries who became victims of colonial and imperial subjugation and other exploitive motives that came with it.

It is deeply saddening that these small circled countries could conquer and colonize not just Africa but the entire world as the case maybe.

The reason is always simple: Industrial revolution actually started in Europe, precisely in England. This development led to the production of superior arms, ships and other materials necessary for these small circled countries to carry out political, economic and sociocultural subjugation.

This industrial nations (small circled) had in the 19th became deeply intoxicated with Nationalism which pushed them into making their countries great irrespective of human lives that would be lost.

For example, Congo was under Belgian King Leopold who amputated and killed millions of the Congolese. In Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Gambia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and other English speaking African countries suffered the humiliation of heinous colonialism from the British government.

France never spared her colonies in Africa. To the extent that, the French government introduced a policy called "Assimilation" which, if carried out successfully, would have made her Colonies to be like the French. It was an obnoxious colonial cultural conquest that didn't ripen into fruition.

Policy of Association was later introduced for the Francophone countries, such as Senegal, Mali, Chad, Niger Republic, Mauritania, Gabon, etc.

Spain took over Equatorial Guinea and subjugated them into a harsh colonialism. Carpe Verde, Angola, São Tomé and Príncipe were fiercely and harshly colonized by the Portuguese.

It is funny nay disheartening that these small circled countries would decide the fate of the countries much bigger than them. They colonised them and granted Independence as if they weren't independent before colonialism. 

So, how do I even explain to my children that these small circled nations could conquer and colonize these big circled countries? 

It is simple: the small circled nations had more superior arms and technology than the big circled countries in the period under review.

Again, the small circled nations needed untapped resources already in the big circled countries to make their nations great, hence the conquest and ferocious colonialism and imperialism.

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