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Slap Boxing: The Strangest Sport Ever

The sport known as Competitive Slapping or slap boxing is so weird that dabbling into takes strength.

Not much is actually known about this bizarre sport as it’s mostly only practiced in Russia. This sports works with two who are separated facing eacch other with just a standing table separating them. The duo are given ear plugs in their ears to avoid blowing their eardrums, cos a heavy slap could damage ear drum.

The game is so strange that the main rule has it that none of the contestants must dodge their opponent’s slap. Upon doing this, they lose. 

Before the slapping games begins, Referees will give instructions for players to dip hands into a powderish substance before landing slaps on their opponent. The players are known to Slap each other with meaty palms while hundreds of skinny boys and hired attractive ladies stare at them in quiet disbelief. Referees are always in standby to moderate the affairs of the game and can call The game off when is going awry.

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