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You Will Fall In Love With Football After Looking At These 6 Wonderful 'Bicycle Kick' Pictures

In the early days of my life,I hated football with passion and disliked it when it is shown in our sitting room and I'll be forced to watch it,because at that time we only had one TV and it was in our sitting room and I could only gain access to it occasionally.

But I remember a 'Man' who was a family friend that will always come to watch match in our house and at that time, anytime he enters into our house,my face will change it's complexion because I already knew why he came and that was to watch match.

But as time went on,I found out that I began to develop passion and love for football and I began playing football once in a while,but a day came when the same man that normally comes to watch match in our house came and saw me playing football close to my house.

I'll never forget the words he said to me when he saw me that day because the words that came out from his mouth actually revolutionised my interest in Football.

The Man said: "How Can you be playing football with your small legs and you don't watch match,you said you want to play like Iniesta who created Alot in midfield to feed other players but you don't watch match".

He added that:"It is the knowledge you gain in watching football that you apply while playing football and that is one of the ways you can become better in your pursuit of playing football very well that will make your friends recognize you as a good footballer".

After he said those words,my heart melted and that was how I began to watch football and I developed love for football in watching consistently.

As of today,I have been a die hard Chelsea fan for close to 10 years now and still going strong with the blues of west London.

However,I know some persons are already touched by my story already,but I'll want to draw your attention to my main focus in this article and that is to show you 6 fantastic 'Bicycle Kick' pictures that will blow your mind away.

See pictures below...

All the pictures combined together...

So guys,what do you think about the pictures,am sure some of you witnessed Olivier Giroud’s brilliance against Atletico Madrid in Bucharest last night.

Pleass do leave a comment on your opinion about this and don't forget to share,like and follow me for more juicy and inspiring articles.

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Alot Iniesta The Man


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