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WWE NXT Results (Aug. 26,2020): Takeover XXX fallout

Publicized for today around evening time: All the aftermath from last Saturday's TakeOver: XXX - including new champs Damian Priest and Karrion Kross. In addition, Imperium protect the label titles against Breezango, Santos Escobar risks the Cruiserweight title against Swerve Scott, Io Shirai collaborates with Rhea Ripley to confront Dakota Kai and Raquel González, Tommaso Ciampa returns, and that's only the tip of the iceberg! 

Return directly here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog commences once the show begins on USA. It will be underneath this line here. 

Have fun! 


We start with a video recap of last Saturday's outcomes, and afterward the end is here... 

Scarlett "sings" a sling-wearing NXT champion to the ring. She takes the belt from Karrion Kross and gives him a receiver. He let us know, over and over, that he'd become champ. Furthermore, he cautioned us that on his way there, everybody would endure. He followed through on his promise at TakeOver: XXX when he tore the belt from Keith Lee's cadaver. Be that as it may, in war, there are setbacks. He knows it is highly unlikely they'll let him guard the title in his condition. His agony energizes him, however he's a pragmatist. With that, he lays the belt down in the ring. Scarlett puts the hourglass close to it. 

Kross says this progressions nothing. Armageddon is as yet coming. Tick tock. Scarlett turns over the hourglass as they leave the ring. 

Beth Phoenix makes reference to how stunning the initial section was, at that point we see Vic Joseph at the work area with Wade Barrett. Barrett says the breeze has just been removed from his sails (no terrible news jokes!), since he realizes that it is so difficult to surrender a title because of injury. 

Breezango versus Imperium 

Tyler Breeze and Fandango assault while Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel are as yet doffing their warm-up suits. Dango begins with Aichner, yet it's just a brief time before the champs make a tag and Barthel gets a takedown. The Deputy retaliates, wrecking the German as we go picture-in-picture. The heels disconnect and work over the man Barrett calls "The Dangler" while we see a few advertisements. 

Breaking recipe a piece, he's still in risk when we return. After a couple nearfalls, he handles a kick on an Irish whip twofold group move and gets the tag. Breeze comes in hot, yet Barthel remains in charge until he jumps in a turn kick from Prince Pretty. That gets two. They hit the leg drop backbreaker combo on Aichner presently, yet the Italian turns out to the floor before Fandango can cover. He follows with a plunge, however gets walloped by Barthel as we go to another break. 

The champs are in still in charge when we return. When Dango gets free, Breeze isn't on the cover. Aichner with a spinebuster and Barthel with an Air Raid Crash for a close to fall. Barthel places Fandango in the ropes and afterward Aichner labels in and they miss the twofold drop kick in the corner. Barthel helps Aichner into the ring and Breeze labels in. Barthel with a clothesline and they go for the European bomb yet Breeze with super kicks. 

Fandango labels in and he hits a twofold leg drop for the three check. 

Breezango def. Imperium through pinfall to win the NXT Tag Team titles 

McKenzie Mitchell gets new North American hero Damian Priest as he enters the structure. The Archer of Infamy says the gathering is as yet going on. Timothy Thatcher strolls up, and says Priest is now a disfavor to the title. He ought to get the principal shot to give him what a genuine gifted expert can do. The champ ignores it and strolls off. 

We see Triple H, William Regal, Matt Bloom and Shawn Michaels meeting in a gathering room about the NXT title circumstance as we go to break. 

Jake Atlas versus Tommaso Ciampa 

The previous NXT champ eyeballs Atlas from the beginning, and Atlas looks somewhat anxious. He ought to be, on the grounds that Ciampa is furious and nails a headbutt, steps him down in the corner, kicks him in the head, and hits Willow's Bell. 

Tommaso Ciampa def. Jake Atlas by means of pinfall 

After the ringer, the beatdown proceeds. A group of refs dives in, and the Blackheart appears to consent to ease off, yet then charges to kick Atlas in the head. He sets the Jake up under the ring, at that point slingshots him into the metal help! Ciampa bounces up to sit on the cover and watch the doctors run in with a cot. Drake Wuertz is castigating him, however he doesn't flicker. When Atlas is on the cart, Tommaso plunges and spikes him to the ground before strolling off. 

We're helped to remember the olive branch Tegan Nox offered Candice LeRae a week ago, at that point get a video bundle with LeRae discussing their kinship. She's constantly had Tegan's back, yet she doesn't know Nox has had hers. She's on the correct way now, and Tegan can join her, yet she's finished paying special mind to anybody however herself. 

After certain promotions, Mitchell asks Bronson Reed how he feels about Thatcher calling his took shots at the NA title. He begins to discuss his success over Priest when he's hindered by a returning Austin Theory. Hypothesis says he discovers Reed's quest for brilliance moving, and he thinks on the off chance that he keeps it up, he may be a champ when he's 55. Auzilla slaps him for the remark. 

Mia Yim versus Mercedes Martinez 

Robert Stone and Aliyah walk around the slope. Stone says he's not sending Martinez around here, and her comes Shotzi Blackheart to run him over with a tank... once more. She'll take Mercedes spot. 

Mia Yim versus Shotzi Blackheart 

They've uniformly coordinated to begin, with Shotzi hitting the BALL PIT leg drop. They get each other's kicks and consciously put them down with no unfair attacks. Be that as it may, when Blackheart cries, Yim punches her and shrugs. Shotzi retaliates and begins hitting a blend of strikes and kicks before a back suplex gets a nearfall. It sets up a senton off the top for the champ. 

Shotzi Blackheart def. Mia Yim by means of pinfall 

William Regal says the chief group has gone to a choice on the title, and will tell is after the break. On the whole, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are met. They're not stressed over their label coordinate this evening since they're a real group. Io Shirai has something Rhea Ripley needs, and she should in any case be #1 competitor at any rate. 

The General Manager takes off to the ring. He puts over Kross, at that point uncovers that they've chosen to have a 4Way on the following week's unique Tuesday version of NXT to crown another champ. Every single previous champ - Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, Finn Balor and Adam Cole. That is not all... it will likewise be an hour long Iron Man coordinate! Swim says it is highly unlikely he's feeling the loss of that, so he'll be back (the "Super Tuesday" scene was as far as anyone knows taped today after this scene). 

Isaiah "Turn" Scott versus Santos Escobar 

The Legado Del Fantasma pioneer is here to safeguard his Cruiserweight title without his young men. Lock up at the chime, Escobar with control until Swerve gets free with a kick. Springboard arm drag and the champ heads to the floor. Scott prods a plunge and Escobar backs up as we go to business. 

At the point when we return, Santos is in charge. To and fro prompts a suplex from the challenger that gets two. He extends Escobar over his back, however the champ transforms that into an apostatize to compel the break. After another accommodation endeavor, Santos turns out. At the point when Scott jumps on the cover, the champ gets him to toss him into the plexiglass! Turn gets tossed into the ringsteps, at that point Escobar moves him in before the ref's ten tally. Beatdown is on, running twofold knees into the corner gets two. 

They fight to the top rope, where Scott pursues for a rana however the champ kills it into a powerbomb the top. Another spread, yet Swerve kicks out as we get more ads. Cleaves, a nuclear drop, and a knee when we return, all while Santos talks poop. Scott masses up while eating kicks, at that point drives him into the corner with punches, following with a flying European to the rear of the champ's head. Escobar to the outside, at that point Swerve flies to bring him down with a reverse somersault. Back in, associates for two! Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza are here! Escobar with while the ref is diverted. 

The new label champs run in and fight with Legado Del Fantasma to the back. Turn with a flatliner, yet no! His running back kick follows, yet Escobar kicks out once more. Scramble in the corner, Scott hits a changed powerbomb however Santos gets the ropes. He turns out and puts on a veil from under the ring. He hits the challenger with a head butt, veil more likely than not been stacked on the grounds that Swerve is unconscious. 

Santos Escobar def. Isaiah "Turn" Scott by means of pinfall to hold his Cruiserweight title 

Johnny Gargano gets a promotion. A week ago he figured his profession may be finished, however that would leave his guarantee of another NXT unfulfilled. Next Tuesday, he gets one more opportunity in the Fatal 4Way Iron Man. He's going to remind every individual who the hellfire he is. 

After a break, it's Finn turn. Fall and Pray? The Prinxe rises. The four foundations of NXT go at it, and when it's set, we'll know he's not a foundation. He's the focal point. He's going to give the showcasing office, the system, and the person viewing on the web what they need. 

Kyle O'Reilly versus Drake Maverick 

Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish go with their Undisputed sibling. Fight at the ringer, and Drake utilizes his speed to entangle O'Reilly and send him to the floor. Free thinker flies, yet just gets Fish and Strong. Back in the ring, Kyle with kicks, and afterward sets to working over the previous 205 Live GM. Drake retaliates, however runs into a high knee. That begins another striking trade, however kyle closes it with a kick to Maverick's knee. Enziguri from Drake, yet when he runs up the turnbuckles his knee gives. O'Reilly wraps the leg, snatches a heel snare on the other, and Drake needs to tap. 

Kyle O'Reilly def. Drake Maverick by means of Submission.

Roderick and Bobby set to pounding Drake after the ringer, however Kyle doesn't appear to be into it. Killian Dain runs in and makes the spare. Free thinker goes to express gratitude toward him, yet Dain levels him with a tether and strolls off. 

A recap of Saturday's Women's championship and consequence, at that point we find Rhea Ripley while she's heating up. She didn't spare Io Shirai, she was communicating something specific. What Io has is hers. 

Adam Cole gets an opportunity to talk the following week's Iron Man. He says it will include the Mt. Rushmore of NXT, and since he put Pat McAfee in his rearview, he's prepared to win the belt a subsequent time. 

Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley versus Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez 

The Nightmare requests to begin. She ragdolls Kai around to drive a tag, and squares up with Gonzalez. Headbutt from Ripley, Gonzalez answers a push that permits Io to tag in. The champ sends the heels to the floor to refocus as we go PiP. Raquel overwhelms Shirai rapidly on the little screen and she and Dakota begin to work Shirai over. 

Tag when we return. Rhea impacts Gonzalez off the cover and snatches Kai, however the numbers game makes up for lost time to Ripley. Kai and her warmer draw her to the floor, and Raquel gets to clubbering her adversary. Snappy labels for the heels, however the Nightmare at long last kicks her path allowed to get the Genius of the Sky. She gets Kai reeling, and when Gonzalez gets included, she gets twofold knees. To and fro, Dakota goes for the Kai-ropractor, yet Io sneaks out and conveys a hardened looking knee to the face. One, two - no! Raquel splits it up. The bigger lady gets in some offense, and a couple move gets two. 

The champ makes a tag, yet the ref didn't see it! As Rhea contends with the ref, Mercedes Martinez shows to yank Ripley down. She ricochets off the steel steps. Turning hammer from Gonzalez on Io, yet she kicks out! Rhea is by one way or another back up and makes the tag, however she's plainly out of it and excursions on her way in. She strolls directly into a colossal chokeslam powerbomb from Raquel. 

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez def. Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley through pinfall (Gonzalez on Ripley to win).

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