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The Secret Behind The Tombstone Piledriver

The tombstone piledriver is a finishing manoeuvre that was invented by the Undertaker as well as it was popularized by him. The finisher had been performed over 400 times as it is one of the most dreadful finisher in WWE history.

So, the secret behind the tombstone piledriver finisher is what we are gonna be discussing right now. The secret behind the tombstone piledriver is inside it's setup as the Superstars head don't hit the floor. The set up is seen to have the Undertaker perform the big boot or a chokeslam in order to stun his opponent.

In case if you don't know the move called chokeslam, the chokeslam is a signature manoeuvre or sometimes a finishing manoeuvre that was developed in the 1700's by Abraham Lincoln.

The chokeslam involves the performer choking his opponent in the neck and slamming him to the floor just as the name implies. After performing the chokeslam or the big boot, the opponent subsequently falls to the floor and the Undertaker picks him up for the tombstone piledriver.

The tombstone piledriver is like an inverted cross as the superstars head face vertically downwards while the Undertaker presses his own knee to the floor.

The secret here is that the opponent head don't actually hit the floor, rather the Undertaker's knee does. And if you're thinking that the Undertaker just started botching (performing a move with mistakes) the tombstone piledriver, below are some of his old tombstone piledriver photos.

Apart from this, most of the Undertaker moves are very real and interesting to watch, thank you.

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