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SLAPPING COMPETITION: See The Action And Rules Of The Russia Slapping Competition

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See some pictures of the actions at the bottom and read through to see the rules of the sport.

I know a lot of readers will find this surprising and funny but yes! It exists.

Humans are the most intelligent species existing on the surface of the earth. They have exploited nature and made life more suitable for their existence. Competition has been one constant feature of Man's existence. Some of these competitions are natural and aimed at personal survival. However, man had purposely created a form of competition for entertainment, profit and to show superiority. Some of these competitions are created as SPORTS or entertainment, which include football, tennis, wrestling and very strangely, Slapping Competition!.

This competition is a big one held in Russia. In fact, there is a championship tournament on the form of sport or better still, entertainment.

Earlier in March, for example, Russia carried out its first slapping competition and contest.

The contest involved participants that challenged each other on the basis of who could deliver the strongest and hardest slap, and who could stand these slaps the most. It was a last-man-standing competition and whoever could survive and is still standing, becomes the champion.

This slapping contests was introduced in Krasnoyarsk, Russia during the Siberian Power Show. It was created to add fun and novelty to the sports festival. Upon creation, the competition was given rules.

Two men are to stand face to face and swap turns in slapping each other. The slaps were given with bare hands and the head was left unprotected. Each competitor is given five tries to slap down his opponent. A judge records and gives a final decision on who emerges the winner. The winner will then proceed to the next round of the tournament. The competitors are allowed to balance themselves by holding any of the strong stands present on the match platform. However, the rules allow for standby audience to help support or balance a participant by holding or pushing them. Trying to dodge a slap is a foul, hitting any other part of the head apart from the cheeks was also added to the rules as a foul. Often times, they were knockouts.

Following these rules, when a match begins, the competitors exchange strong slaps on the face and cheeks. The competition is ended when any of the slapping competitor, could not tolerate any further slaps or could not even deliver a slap to his/her opponent. The referee overseas the match and could also put an end to a match if he doesn't feel it is medically safe for a player to continue in the sport.

According to the organizers;

As crazy as this event might be, there is also another event called Ass Slapping Event. This event is for ladies and some pictures of the events will be found in this post.

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There are a lot of pictures and videos from the tournament that has been circulating on social media and other platforms on the internet. A lot of persons may have come across the clips may not be aware that it is an active competition (tournament).

Here are some pictures of the event (Some funny descriptions too):

The brute force in this slap doesn't justify why its being called a sport. It is more like a revenge.

Mr. Big guy here seems to be coaching the other man on how to destroy the face of his next opponent. Feel free to laugh at the third man holding his face as he has been through a lot.

Is there no weight category in this competition? This is a 'David vs Goliath' match!.

These slaps carry hard feelings.

Is the slap the reason for the blur? The camera was affected!

I don't think he was expecting that

This guy is a killer!!!

These slaps seem to be hitting the camera.

If they slap you on the right cheek, No! No! No!. Don't turn the other face!

I'm speechless on this. I just hope he can bear the return slap.

Face positioning seems to be a part of the 'slapper's' role.

The facial expressions here are blank. But let's wait for the return slap.

This is not a sport!!! I repeat, it is not a sport!! This is torture!. You can laugh at this.

I wonder why this had to be made an event. I guess the ladies couldn't be left out.

Just before an impact!!!

Who else feels that the impact seems to be less powerful when compared to the pose she took before the strike???

Winner man!

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