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LeBron James is the NBA GOAT

LeBron James is the greatest basketball player in the history of sports. He is a 4-time regular season most valuable player in the league accompanied by his four finals most valuable player (MVP) awards. Since his career started he has featured in 18 All-Star games. He holds the record for most All-Star game participation among players who are active in the NBA having been selected 16 times in his career. He also has 2 all-star MVP awards. There are many reasons why LeBron James is the greatest Basketball player in history. First, LeBron is an activist and speaks out on racial issues surrounding black lives. Secondly, in terms of media coverage, all media including print, social media, and radio have all devoted time to covering LeBron James. The attention started at an early age. From the beginning of his career down to the professional career he has had media pressure which has never been seen in the league. Furthermore, in terms of coaching and teammates and competition, most of the all-time greats had top coaches. For example, Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson, who is widely regarded as the greatest coach of all time, as his coach. These are the reasons why LeBron is the best of all time.

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