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Ronaldo Was Amazed By His Football Skills – Meet Andrew Henderson, a Popular Football Freestyler

Ronaldo Was Amazed By His Football Skills – Meet Andrew Henderson, a Popular Football Freestyle Champion [Video]

Football or Soccer as Americans will call it a very interesting and popularly loved game if not the most loved sport type at the moment.

The sport is very popular in the country as there are many die-hard fans of the sport in Nigeria.

Apart from the players who are into the sport as a professional career, there are also others who are very talented and have unimaginable football skills that are not into football professionally. This set of people are the football freestylers and jugglers.

 This set of persons have showcase and perform some unimaginable skills that ordinarily you will not see on the football pitch.

This is where Andrew Henderson falls in. Andrew Henderson is a popular and very successful Football freestyler and juggler.

Known for his unique skills and techniques in freestyling, he has been seen to have won in the World football Freestyling Competition several time. Indeed, Andrew Henderson is a Champion and legend in the area he specializes in.

The talented footballer has been seen to have performed in the Presence of football legends like Christiano Ronaldo and a host of others. Andrew Henderson has also been seen to have performed at the Olympics games of 2012 and the 2014 World Cup.

The popular Youtuber has seen success in his career as a football freestyler as he runs a Youtube channel that has millions of followers and a lot of engagements.

He is seen to have released clips of his freestyles of which some were in the presence of popular and well respected footballers. Ronaldo was amazed by his skills and tricks.


Here are more photos of his freestyle moments;

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