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5 Different Type of People You Will Meet While Chatting on Online Group Chat

This Article is just for fun , we want to talk about different people you will meet during group chat, If you own a smartphone or any type of social media, then you're probably in or have been in a group chat. Group chats are great for making plans, talking about the latest gossip, or working on a group project then you will meet different character and people, let see 5 kind of people you might meet while chatting online.

1. The Observer:These group of people will always stay online but will never add or contribute any idea when necessary, their job is to observe and will only talk when their is a giveaway.

2. The Boss : The Boss takes control of the group chat. It's arguably the most stressful job in group chats, they are in charge of all the event they are planning and will always put all their effort to make the group a success.

3. The Charmer: These group belong to Fine boys and girls in the group chat, they are the most desired and most admired people on the group and it seems that everything is revolving round them.

4. The Photos freak: These group will always upload pictures even when their is important thing discussing in the group, they can be so annoying.

5. The Jokers: The Joker exists in every group. They're the person that is constantly turning every conversation into a joke, even when very important things are bring discussed, they can be annoying but they make the group lively.

Dont lie ohh which group do you belong

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The Charmer The Observer


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