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Combined Xi For Bayern Munich And Dortmund This Season (2019/2020)

Let's have a look at the combined xi in Bayern Munich and Dortmund this season.

Dortmund as we all know is one of the top and best team in Europe. Whereas Bayern Munich is one of the best team in Bundesliga.

Let's take a look at the players that make up the Combined Xi lined for each position.

The Goalkeeper

The selected goalkeeper is the Bayern Munich goalkeeper Neuer. Never has been recognised as one of the best goalkeeper in Europe.

The defenders

The selecteddefenders between the two clubs are Davis, Hummels, Alba and Hakimi. These four players were selected do you think a player fits better than the selected ones here.

The Midfielders

The selected midfielders from the two clubs are Thiago, Kimmichi and Reus. The were the selected three midfielders for the combined xi.

The forwarders

The selected forwarders are the Right winger Jordan Sancho, the left player Gnabby and the striker Lewandowski.

What do you think of this club if they are to be a club of its own in Europe

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