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5 reasons why Super Eagles supporters still remember iconic Nigeria skipper Austin Okocha

5. He was an entertainer

Scoring goals is the prime objective football, much like earning money is the main objective for many in life. However, for Austin Okocha, happiness was much more important than just scoring goals and winning a game.To him, playing the way that he loves to was always the prime focus. That is why whenever one watched him play, they not only witnessed a supreme level of brilliance but also found a smile-inducing happiness on their faces. He didn’t just dribble, he danced with the ball and made the opponent players dance with him. The playmaker made things easy.

4. His smiles

There are some players when you look at them, you wonder as to what they must have been through in life to have such a sad expression, bereft of any happiness, on their faces. Sometimes, you even feel like ignoring them and that is just rude but kind of understandable. And then there is Okocha. He always smiled, regardless of the situation or moment.

 3. He enjoyed life

The former Super Eagles skipper earned a lot of money during his playing days. This made him acquire exotic cars and mansions. He wasn't afraid to show off his luxury. For him, it was always about the pleasure of playing rather than the pressure. And it is for this reason as to why.

2. Okocha did things with ease

The way he did things, it was... it was... so... natural. It was almost as if he born to play the game – perhaps he was – and it was almost as if he actually played the game since he was in his mother’s womb. There was always somebody marking the man – you can’t leave out someone like him unmarked, can you? And he would then move away from his marker ever-so-subtly. 

1. He was a dead ball specialist

When Okocha stood behind the ball in a dead ball situation, then you know something special would happen. Ask Cameroon and South Africa who felt his pulse. He was so good playing free kick or penalty.

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