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Monday Night Raw Results for Sept 7

McIntyre Returns.

Raw kicked off with randy Orton coming to ring to warn keith lee anout their match later in the night.

Orton recapped the three punt kicks he unleashed on Drew McIntyre and suggested the WWE Champion hand over the title. Then, A siren sounded, interrupting The Vipe. Drew emerged from it and blasted Orton with a Claymore kick.

Referees pulled him off the No. 1 contender and McIntyre stood tall over his Clash of Champions opponent.

The Hurt Business def. Apollo Crews, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander 

The hurt business dominated most of the match with former US Champion Apollo crews being their target.

As Apollo created separation and inched toward his corner, Alexander pulled Ricochet off the ring apron and slammed him into the guardrail. From there, he delivered the Lumbar Check to Crews, allowing Benjamin to score the win for the heels with Paydirt. Alexander smiled at The Hurt Business while the commentary team questioned whether he has officially joined MVP and Co. 

The Street Profits def. Andrade and Angel Garza 

The match was a short one. Garza walked out on Andrade and Vega, leaving the former NXT and United States champion to eat a frog splash from Montez Ford as The Street Profits rolled to victory.

After the match, SmackDown Tag Team Champions Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro arrived as part of the brand-to-brand initiative, the blue brand champs criticized The Street Profits for their antics outside the ring before issuing a challenge for next week’s show. The red brand reps accepted.

Peyton Royce def. Billie Kay 

Following their devastating break up, The former partners battled in a singles match.

Kay fought out and drove her opponent into the corner. A big suplex followed for two. Royce answered with a big kick and neckbreaker for the win.

After the match, Royce helped kay to her feets and they embraced each other to show there friendship despite going separate ways.

Asuka and James def. Natalya and Lana

Nattie and Lana dominated the action against James, even scoring a near-fall that Asuka had to break up. After several moments spent on the defensive, Mickie created separation and looked to make the tag. Nattie and Lana dominated the action against James, even scoring a near-fall that Asuka had to break up. After several moments spent on the defensive, Mickie created separation and looked to make the tag. With Asuka knocked off the apron, she prepared to climb the ropes, only for The Empress to reappear, make the tag and tap Lana out with the Asuka Lock. 

The champion celebrated the victory as James looked on, a half-smile on her face, seemingly unamused by the developments.

Eight Man Tag Match: Hurt Business def. Apollo Crews, Ricochet and Viking Raiders 

The hurt business had a new member in cedric alexander following his unexpected betrayal to crews and ricochet.

For the second time in the night, the hurt business isolated Apollo crews and attacked his Middle Section.

Alexander delivered the Neuralizer kick to Ricochet, but only scored a two-count. Action broke down, every competitor hitting their trademark stuff en route to Alexander delivering the Michinoku Driver for a botched fall scoring a win for the hurt business

Randy Orton def. Keith Lee by disqualification 

 The Legend Killer delivered The Orton Stomp and applied a big headlock. Lee fought out and flattened Orton with a powerslam. He set Orton up for the Spirit Bomb but Orton escaped and delivered an RKO.

Despite being banned from the arena by Adam Pearce earlier in the night, Drew McIntyre came from out of nowhere with a Claymore, drawing the disqualification. “I want you to see me in your dreams,” he said.

Pearce then ordered Drew out of the arena again.

Raw Underground, Handicap Matches, Retribution striked again.

Kevin owens and aleister black battled on raw underground with the match ending in a brawl between other members of the underground.

And back at the thunderdome, 

The riot squad battled shayna baszler in a 2 on 1 handicap match set up by her own partner Nia Jax.

Morgan rolled up Baszler for the win after Jax’s trash talk from ringside provided a distraction.

In the second 2-on-1 Handicap Match of the night, Riott and Morgan battled Jax.

Jax tried to take out of Baszler’s playbook but missed, sparking a babyface comeback. Before Morgan and Riott could earn the win, the lights flickered and went out. A “Retribution” logo appeared and the faction cut a promo for the first time, their voices distorted. 

The Handicap match ended in a no contest.

Street Fight: Dominik Mysterio def. Murphy

The main event of Raw ended with the mysterio family brutalizing Buddy Murphy.

Murphy looked under the ring, allowing Aliyah and Angie to free Dominik from the ropes. The rookie delivered a beautiful sunset flip bomb through a table. A frog splash earned Dominik a two-count before he teamed with his father to unload on Murphy with kendo sticks.

“Payback is a bitch!” Mysterio exclaimed, talking right to Rollins.

Rey invited his wife and daughter into the ring and both unloaded on Murphy, who tapped as the referee called for the bell.

The Mysterios stood tall to close out the show pummeling Murphy with the sticks.

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