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UEFA Champions League

"If they don't knock Chelsea out today call me a bastard"- Man

Life as we see it, is full of uncertainties. You can never tell what is to happen, the highest thing you can do is predict or guess. Unfortunately, this fact is one most people forget about. At times, you would see some people do or say certain things that would push you to ask, "are you sure?" or "are you serious?"

Just later yesterday, the Champions League resumed as Chelsea hosted Atletico Madrid for the second leg to decide the team to qualify and the one to be eliminated. Recall that Chelsea brought home the advantage as they won Atletico in Spain 0-1 during the first leg. After Chelsea's first leg victory, a lot of fans argued that Chelsea were lucky to have won, that Atletico would definitely claim the victory in the second leg and eventually qualify.

Everyone can testify of how good Atletico Madrid have been in Europe's elite competition for years, eliminating football giants like Barcelona and Bayern Munich, on multiple occasions. It's also important to note that at the moment, they occupy the top spot in the Spanish league. So, I guess this strengthened, encouraged and brought a lot of people to the conclusion that Atletico would surely claim the victory against Chelsea and qualify to the next round.

However there was a guy who seemed to have gone too far with his confidence as he said that if Atletico Madrid loses the match, he should be called a bastard. He wrote: "If they don't knock Chelsea out today call me a bastard." Here's his tweet.

Unfortunately for this poor guy, Chelsea didn't just win the game by a neat 2-0, they played amazingly well and have scaled through to the quarter finals.

People did not have mercy on this guy as they did exactly what they read from his tweet. See some of their reactions.

This should serve as a lesson to everyone. Please, don't be too sure of certain things; life is unpredictable. Please learn from this guy so that anytime over confidence wants to possess you, you'll think twice before speaking and be wise when acting.

What do you have to say about this guy?

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