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Nine footballers who are following their father's footsteps.

It is a good thing that young footballers are taking over from their father's footballing career.They will be able to know some special skills that their father's know.It is a great honor for sons to follow the footsteps of their father's.These footballers are young and have enough time to play good football.

Most of these young footballers started developing interest in football right from their tender age.It is very possible for their sons to perform better than their father's.It is a thing of joy for a father to see his son excelling in his footballing career.Some of these youngsters father's are into coaching.

Below is a list showing sons of football legends who are following their father's footsteps.

9 Marcus Thuram. 

Marcus Thuram is a great footballer who took the race from his father.He is well known for his strength, agility and great skills.He is a very tactical forward, which makes it hard to predict his next move.He is a calm player, but very dangerous approaching forward.

He was formerly in Guingamp, but he struggled for form and he didn't have enough playing time.The 22 year old is currently in Borussia Monchengladbac and he is performing well for his team.


8 Daniel Maldini

Daniel Maldini is a very talented forward known for his great skills.Daniel is Paolo's Maldini son, and he is just 18 years of age.Paolo Maldini was a great defender and his son is a forward.

He is currently playing for AC Milan and he is performing greatly.He is a great dribbler, fantastic passer and a subperb shooter.


7. Giovanni Simeone

Giovanni Someone is a great striker known for his great skills and strength.Giovanni is the son of Diego Simeone. He was in Genoa before moving to Fiorentina.He is a prolific striker known for his lethal foot.He is just 25 years of age but he is performing greatly.

He made great impacts in his team.He made from five caps for Argentina since 2018.He is taking over from his father and he is making great progress.

6. Angus Gunn

He is known for his great keeping skills and his creativity.He has been a great keeper since he came into the Southampton team and he has been very helpful.He is just 24 years of age and he is performing greatly.

He trained with England, but he didn't play in the 2018 World Cup.He is not having enough playing time at his current team but he hopes for better days.

5. Ianis Hagi

He is a great midfielder known for his great performances and skills.He is currently playing in Rangers F.C and he is playing perfectly well.He is 21 years of age but he is performing excellently well.He is dual footed and he has a great advantage going forward.


4. Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland is a very talented and dedicated player known for his dribbling abilities and scoring abilities.He is just 19 years but he has shown his worth to the whole world through his great performances.He is the son of Al-Inge Haaland.

He performed greatly at the FIFA Under-20 World Cup, scoring many goals.At his young age he has made his name known.He is currently in Borussia Dortmund and he is a great scorer.

3. Tim Weah

He is a great footballer known for his fine style of play.He was born on 22 February 2000 and he is still performing excellently.He is a talented and dedicated forward playing for Lille.His father is George Weah and he was a very great player known for his great performances.

Tim Weah is trying in his club and he is performing greatly.He can play as a left or right winger and even a striker.His presence is felt greatly in his team.

2. Justin Kluivert

Justin Kluivert is a great winger known for his strength and great performance.He is the son of Patrick Kluivert.He is a Dutch player and he is currently 21 years of age.He is a very talented and creative player that plays his role perfectly.

He is currently in Italy, playing for Roma.He loves playing in the left wing.He has a gift of using both legs and he has a lethal left and right foot which enhance greater dribbling.The Dutchman is trying to adapt to the club.

1. Federico Chiesa.

Federico Chiesa is a very talented and dedicated Fiorentina winger known for his skills and knowledge.He is an Italian footballer and he was born on 25 October,1997.His father was a great footballer called, Enrico Chiesa.

He has been very helpful to his team.He is still young and he has enough time to play football.He helped Fiorentina to avoid relegation last season and he has been very instrumental.

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