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The only WWE Wrestler that can beat the Undertaker easily

The WWE is a very interesting sport to watch.We have different kinds of wrestlers and each wrestler has their own fighting or wrestling style.Some wrestlers are powerhouses,some are high flyers while others technical wrestlers like the Undertaker. Now the topic we looking into is about the Undertaker and the wrestler who can easily beat him in a match.WWE star,the Undertaker who's real name is Mark Calloway is a wrestling Phenom.He originally started off as Mark Calloway but later his name got changed after WCW got absolved by Vince McMahon. Later he got a name change and a new gimmick.This is how the wrestler phenomenon started his WrestleMania streak.He also had a high winning streak. But many don't know that the Undertaker got beat a lot of times by a wrestler named Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar is a WWE star and former UFC star and champion.Brock Lesnar is feared by most wrestlers in the locker room.He is the only wrestler to defeat the Undertaker multiple times.He has defeated the Undertaker in a Biker chain match,Revenge,Bad blood etc.

But the most memorable match was when he ended the Undertaker's streak in 2014.He defeated the Undertaker cleanly in WrestleMania 30 and ended his streak which later became 21-1. Well thanks for reading,please like and shaare. Click the follow button above to show support ♥️. Thank you.

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