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Premier League

Rio Ferdinand makes ridiculous claim about Manchester United

  • The Man United legend says that there's probably no other team in the league who is as dangerous as his old club.
  • Ferdinand believes that other teams will be looking at United's recent form and getting worried about playing against them.

Speaking after United’s 2-0 win against Crystal Palace on Thursday evening, Ferdinand said (via the Liverpool Echo): “Listen, Man United seem like a team that can score at any given moment.

“Other teams will be watching and think that if they lose the ball anywhere on the pitch, within seconds it’s in the back of the net. At the moment I’m thinking that this team... is there any other team that goes through the gears as quick as this team? They’re a dangerous team.

“They are actually putting the benchmark down to other teams now.”

Rio might have been a great defender, but he is currently the king of overreaction - we must remember that this is the same man who wanted to give Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a long-term contract after his team beat PSG in the Champions League last season!

The ex-defender has made many absurd claims over the last couple of years, but this might just take the cake - United are still sitting over 30 points behind Liverpool and the only benchmark they have set is on how to get unfair penalties.

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