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Some of the dangers of consuming Local Herb 'Agbo'

You are simply putting your liver and kidney in harm's way. Also, there are mild complications, like gastrointestinal symptoms, that arise due to the constant consumption of herbal mixtures, like Agbo

Most of these herbal mixtures contain toxic substances and unprocessed materials, which are used in their production. Inappropriate dosages can cause the liver to shut down. 

There are issues concerning Agbo, such as dosage, expiry date, and the knowledge of active ingredients used in its formulation. While consumption of Agbo may be sonewhat effective in the short term, the long term effects and dangers it poses to the body are a serious cause for concern. 

Agbo is sold around motor parks, inside buses, on busy streets and in markets around the country. The sale of agbo is as rife as its consumption. 

The rate of consumption of this herbal concoction is very high because people feel it is more effective than prescribed drugs, which are sold in pharmacies. 

They consume it because it appears to be a cheaper and faster way to get treated. However, the accumulation of toxic materials and unprocessed substances in the body can be detrimental to one's health later on. 

Most people have developed ailments which are a result of continuous intake of Agbo, without them knowing it came from the herbal mixture. 

The National Agency of Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, have tried to eliminate and stop the sale of products like Agbo in the market but they have been unsuccessful. The sale and reckless consumption have continued. It is now left for consumers to be careful. Health is wealth, and it should be guarded with utmost care.

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