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UEFA Champions League

Atalanta Will Win Champions League Ahead Of Bayern Munich, Juventus, Real Madrid & Barcelona.

You should not be surprised that a club like Atalanta football club have risen above all the big clubs, to become a trojan horse. Change they say is constant, and it has started happening already. No one knew or would believe that the big clubs would one day be afraid of facing a club like Atalanta football club, is that not one of the most exciting things about football? Yes it's is.

Well, if you have been following or watching the matches of Atalanta football club this season, you would agree with me that there is no team in Europe today, that is more inform than them. They are in the form of their life, and their progress is a testimony to that.

The last time Atalanta football club played against a big team, they almost won the match, of not for the penalties given to Juventus, which Ronaldo scored, they would have won that match. That is how brilliant and resilient they are playing currently, to the extent of thrashing their last opponent by a 6 goals to one.

Now, let us talk about the champions league remaining fixtures, the picture is below.

If you take a look at the above fixtures, you would agree with me that Paris Saint Germain are not the kind of club that can defeat Atalanta football club, you know how Atalanta got to this stage, so a club like Paris Saint Germain football club cannot stop them. As a matter of fact, Paris Saint Germain football club are not good in champions league games, even with all their big name players. That is why they could not even hold a lead over Manchester united last season, and they were eliminated, even with their world class players in the pitch. So that means, Atalanta football club are in the semifinals.

As for Barcelona and Napoli match, it will be played at New camp, Napoli can not win them there, Barcelona will most likey trash them out. Bayern Munich already hold a 3 goals lead over chelsea, so they will win chelsea football club, and then player barcelona, but Barcelona will win them, and join Atalanta in the semifinals.

It seems that Leipzig will reach their destination in this season's champions league when they take on Atletico Madrid, and then Atletico Madrid will join Atalanta and Barcelona football clubs in the semifinals.

Manchester City already hold a goal advantage over Real Madrid and they will keep it that way, and Lyon will hold on to defeat Juventus, because Juventus have lost their form, and are even struggling with average teams. Lyon will then slug it out with Manchester City, but Manchester city will defeat them, and then complete the semifinal teams.

Based on the Champions permutations, the road to the final as shown below. Manchester City will play Barcelona if they the two teams should make it to the semi finals, while Atalanta football club will play Atletico Madrid as well, that is, if both teams should also make it to the semifinals, which all of them will most likely do.

Now, this is a very difficult stage, but with the determination of Barcelona, having not won the trophy for years, Lionel Messi and his comrades will defeat Manchester City and make it to the finals, while Atalanta football club will continue their surge and get past Atletico Madrid, and than reach the finals like Barcelona.

In the finals, Barcelona may think that they will surely win a small team like Atalanta football club, but Atalanta will definitely surprise everyone and win Barcelona, and then lift the trophy. So that is why i said that Atalanta will win the champions league ahead of Bayern Munich, Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona football clubs.

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