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What happens if a footballer cough while facing another footballer?

Coughing is a natural thing that could occur or happen to anyone anytime. Footballers also cough at a point while playing football either due to running out of breath or due to fatigue. The Corona Virus pandemic has made it hard for footballers to exhibit certain attitudes on the pitch without taking precautions.

Due to the new guidelines in football which is triggered by the Corona virus pandemic, it has become a crime or a punishable offense for a player to cough while gazing or standing right in front of another player. The final decision for the punishment lies with the referee who will decide whether the act of such player is deliberate or whether it was done out of reflex.

The law was introduced by the English FA in order to bring discipline and cautions while playing football as a of reducing the spread of the Corona virus. The statement of FA reads:

"If the incident was not severe enough to merit a sending-off, a caution could be issued for unsporting behaviour which shows a lack of respect for the game."

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