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Bobby Lashley Joins an Elite group of 5 Men After His WWE championship win on Raw

Last night on Raw Bobby Lashley accomplished the greatest fit in pro wrestling history which is winning the prestigious WWE champion for the first time in his career. Bobby Lashley is already a two time ECW world Heavyweight champion and a four times TNA/Impact wrestling world Heavyweight champion, the big one has eluded him despite him being a physical specimen. Now at the age of 44, Lashley finally reached the Apex of his career solidifying his name in the WWE Hall of Fame.


Everything started at the Elimination chamber pay-per-view where Bobby Lashley attacked Drew McIntyre after McIntyre successfully defended his title against 5 other men in the monsterious Elimination chamber match. Following that Mr Money in the Bank being the Miz ran In and successfully cashed in his contract against McIntyre and became champion, the following week on Raw Bobby Lashley defeated Braun strowman for the right to challenge The Miz on Raw the following week for the title, fast forward to a week later which was last night, after overcoming so many of Miz's shenanigans Lashley summited him with the Hurt lock to win the WWE champion in a lumberjack match. With this first time title win on Raw Lashley Joins this special group of men that won their first world championships in Raw

Note: it includes both the WWE champion and the world heavyweight champion and also the universal champion.

Lets see the previous people that did it before Lashley.

The first person to do so was;


Mrs Foley's baby boy was the first man to achieve the fit, he did it in January 3 1999, this was in the middle of his heated feud with The Rock, after Rock defeated him in a Montreal screw Job kind of finish at the 1998, survivor series PPV, mankind vowed to get his revenge, he was granted a match again the Rock on the first Raw of the year, he was able to win with help from Stone cold Steve Austin, to achieve his long life dreams.


Ironically the second ti achieve the feat was Mic Foley's greatest Rival, who is the game, the celebral assassin, the king of Kings and the coo of WWE Triple H, after loosing a triple threat match to mankind also involving defending Champion Steve Austin, triple H got infuriated and demanded another shot the following night on Raw which mankind granted him, he defeated mankind to win the WWE champion in Raw.


9 years later on Raw in 2008, Cm punk cashed in his money in the bank contract on Raw to win his first world Heavyweight champion.


The man Bobby Lashley defeated to win the title also did the same in 2010, when he cashed in his MITB contract on Randy Orton to win the WWE champion for the first time on Raw.


This is the most recent one. Heel Kevin Owens won a 5 men's Elimination match with help from Triple H to win the universal champion for the first time in his career on Raw

Then the 6 person is now Bobby Lashley, good luck to him and his WWE championship reign

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