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Two Reasons Why Goalkeepers Wears Different Jerseys Than An Outfield Player.

Goalkeepers tends to wear different jerseys than an outfield player, and I will tell you why in this article.

The following are two reasons why goalkeepers wears different jerseys than an outfield player.

1. For Differentiation

A goalkeeper's jersey is usually different in colour than that of outfield players and this is because it helps the referee to differentiate between the goalkeeper and an outfield player.

This is useful mostly when the goalkeeper's area is crowded such as during corner kicks and it helps the referee to differentiate between the players just in case a handball is committed.

2. For Visibility

There is a belief that an attacking player unconsciously shoots the ball towards the brightest area of the goal, although it has not be proven true. If true, then a goalkeeper wearing something bright will increase an attacker's chance of aiming the ball directly at the goalkeeper which will lead to an easy save.

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