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The Rock, Roman Reigns and 17 Other Wrestlers Who Succeeded Their Father in WrestleMania

If you've been a wrestling fan for over thirty years, I'm sure the faces you saw in the 90's isn't the same faces you're seeing today, well except maybe very few. As time passes, people grow old and have to give way for the younger ones to fill in the empty spaces. And some of these younger ones are actually the children of these veterans, who decide to follow the footsteps of their parents. And sometimes their parents are their trainers.

This scenario always plays out in almost every profession you can think of. It almost seems like a normal thing for a child to want to be like their father or mother, who are successful in their field.

In football for example, you've probably heard of George & Timothy Weah, Patrick & Justin Kluivert, Peter & Kasper Schmeichel and so many others.

In music, you know of Fela & Femi Kuti, Bob & Damian Marley and the rest. In acting, we have Will & Jaden Smith, Bruce & Brandon Lee, Pete & Yul Edochie and so on. It's something that's almost like an unwritten law. Kids are bound to succeed their parents in their profession.

But our main focus today is wrestling. I'm sure there should be over thirty examples of kids who took after their parents, who are wrestlers. But for now, I can only come up with nineteen of such cases. Some of these kids became more successful and celebrated than their parents, while some didn't really get to the height which their parents reached. But whatever the case, it's pretty obvious that they were inspired by their parents' success to achieve theirs.

So here they are- 19 wrestlers who took after their father.

1. Rocky Johnson & Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock)

2.    Sika & Roman Reigns:

3.   Scott Hall & Cody Hall

4.    Vader & Jake Carter

5.   Chris Benoit & David Benoit

6. Tully Blanchard & Tessa Blanchard

7.   Ric Flair & Charlotte Flair

8.  Robbie Brookside & Xia Brookside

9.   D-Von Dudley & Terrence and Terrell

10. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper & Colt Toombs

11.   Fit Finlay & David Finlay

12.  Mr Perfect & Curtis Axel and Amy Hennig:

13.  Brutus Beefcake & Baby Beefcake

14. Dynamite Kid & Bronwyne Billington

15. Big John Studd & Sean Studd

16. Harley Lace & Leland Lace

17. Paul Ellering & Rachael Ellering

18.  Meng & Guerillas of Destiny

19. Rey Mysterio & Dominic Gutierrez

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