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What do you use the tiny pocket on your jean trouser for? See what it is actually meant for.

Have you ever wondered what the small pocket on your jean trouser is actually meant for? Or you just go about your daily living thinking it's just for keep money?

So of us just believe it is the safest pocket to hide money when going out but doing that is actually rubbing it of its original purpose.

The purpose of this pocket is mystery but thank God finally i will unravel it here.

The small pocket inside a pocket is actually meant for watches. Surprised? It was it was designed for cowboys in the 1800s.

It originally served as protection to pocket watches.

Though today it has been given so many names because of what people use it for. It has been given names like: frontier pocket, condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket, ticket pocket and many other titles.

Now, you know the original purpose of designing. What do you use it for? Which of the titles best define what you use it for? Drop your comments let's talk about it.

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