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Football Clubs That Were Stripped Off Their Trophies

The world of sports has witnessed numerous cases of cheating and rule-breaking, leading to the stripping of titles and trophies won by athletes and clubs. Here we discuss some of the football clubs that were stripped of their trophies due to their actions.

At number three, we have Shanghai Shenhua, a Chinese football club that won the 2003 league title against Shaanxi National Power. However, the club's title was taken away from them in 2013 after it was discovered that they had fixed another game during their run to the 2003 league title. The Chinese football association gave them a six-point deduction at the beginning of the 2013 Chinese Super League season as a punishment.

Juventus is a name that needs no introduction in the football world, but they too were stripped of their titles. For their part in a 2006 refereeing scandal, the club was demoted to Serie B and had their two Serie A titles taken away from them. This scandal also resulted in fines and point deductions for AC Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio, and Reggina.

At number one, we have Marseille. The club was stripped of its Ligue 1 title and demoted to the Ligue 2 in 1994, as a result of a scandal involving match-fixing that occurred in 1993. This incident resulted in a ban on Ligue 1 clubs from competing in the Champions League during the 1993-1994 season, and three players and a Marseille director were banned from the sport.

In conclusion, cheating and rule-breaking in sports often lead to severe consequences, including the stripping of titles and trophies. These cases serve as a reminder that sports must be played fairly and ethically, and any attempts to gain an unfair advantage must be punished to maintain the integrity of the sport.

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