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The Extra Fun In Football Has Changed Since These 20 Things Were Banned (No. 20 Will Return)

The extra fun we used to get when watching the game of Football, popularly known as Soccer is obviously no more, as football is currently evolving from the original rules and practices to new ones.

Premier League stadiums now have a set of rules that everybody has to adhere to, which was not so in the past. Some activities and things have been banned, and it is arguable that these banned activities 'on and off' the pitch due to new rules, were the little things that made football more fun.

Now, let's take a look at the 18 things that changed the 'extra fun' in football since they were banned.

1. Taking Off Shirts Or Shorts During Celebration.

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I hope we can recall the crazy moments when the last goal is scored in the 'die-minutes' of the game, and a player strips off his shirt or short in celebration! What a moment, what a passion on their faces! We truly have missed this fun. Now the new rules have disallowed this, taking the fun out of our every game.

2. Pitch Invaders

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Remember pitch invaders, especially in Champions League and World Cup Finals? Unluckily, there won't be no more to give us that extra fun. Lol

3. Fans Hunting Down Referees After A Wrong Decision

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Bad referees deserved this! Unfortunately this act has been banned, tight security too has been enforced. If not some referees wouldn't make out of the stadium alive. We missed this extra fun though, hope you know what I mean.

4. Selfie Sticks In Stadiums And Recording Of Live Matches With Phones

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Remember when we use to go to stadiums and take wonderful pictures, especially when a player jumps in the crowd during celebration and you go for a selfie? Today, no more cameras, no more recordings, and no more selfie sticks in stadiums. All have been banned!

5. Goal Posts With No Cross Bars

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They were no cross bars in the past. As an attacker, just shoot your shot and it will be a goal despite the height it goes. Funny! In 1875, crossbars were finally added to goal posts and it has been so till now. Goal posts without crossbars were since banned.

6. Goalkeepers Catching The Ball Anywhere

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What a fun moment it used to be. Making a goalkeeper hold the ball in midfield, and run towards the opponent's half to score! This happened before the year 1912, since then, goalkeepers were confined to the box and that extra fun was no more.

7. Animals Being Allowed In Stadiums

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Remember when they used to allow fans go into stadiums with their pets/animals, and during a goal scoring opportunity, you might see them run up and down and interrupt the game? We've missed this fun and crazy moments ever since animals were banned from stadiums.

8. Beach Balls

Photo Credit: Google

I could remember when a goalkeeper caught a beach ball that intercepted the play while the real ball went into the goal. Although it could hurt supporters, it used to be a moment of drama! Now we've missed them as they have been banned, "no more extra fun."

9. Laser Equipments

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Opponents used this to obstruct a goalkeeper's view during goal opportunities. It used to be fun! What do you think?

10. Flares

Photo Credit: Google

This used to stir anxiety on the visitors, but fans took it too far like you've seen in the picture and it was banned. We missed the fun though especially in finals.

11. Sponsorship Materials

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"Do not come and advertise your company here again!" Banners and company flags were banned. It used to add a sort of spice in stadiums back then, making you learn a lot of things, but it's no more today.

12. Vuvuzelas

Photo Credit: Google

Remember the 2010 World Cup? Yea, fans used this and the stadium went alive. Now, this has been banned and fans will only remember the fun.

13. The Final Judgement Of Human Referee

Photo Credit: Google

Remember when Rooney or Drogba will chip in an offside goal and the linesmen and referees will be confused? Today, that joy is no more, VAR has banned this act. it used to be more fun when your team wins a match when you know they didn't deserve it.

14. The Human Judgement Of Goal Decision

Photo Credit: Google

I still remember when some goals were counted when they actually did not go in. It was fun and I can tell you that the best fun in the world is in imperfection. Now Goal Line Technology has seized that extra fun of scoring fails that didn't really go in. Lol

15. Behind Tackles

Photo Credit: Google

Remember that in the past, behind tackles had no consequences. It all ended In 1998 when referees were instructed to view violent tackles from behind as red-card offenses. Now players can't behave like the legendary Gattuso.

16. No Offsides

Photo Credit: Google (Picture of Onside in 1990)

In 1990, FIFA changed the offside rule in an attempt to increase scoring by allowing attackers stay at the back of defenders and score. What a lovely moment we have missed.

17. Playing Without Referees (Until 1891 There Were No Referees)

Photo Credit: Google

What a moment of relief? No one to whistle, call for cards, send off players! What a moment we missed. Won't you like to play in your control?

18. Kick-Ins

Photo Credit: Google

Back then in the past, we had what we call kick-in not throw-in. Just play till whenever, the ball doesn't go out! If it does, we kick in. Nowadays the rules changed, courtesy of FIFA.

19. Throwing Things On Players

Photo Credit: Google

Stubborn players I guess, or an opponent that likes disturbing or scoring against you. Fans will show them their bad side. What a moment!

20. Fans In Stadiums.

Photo Credit: Google

This will kill the game if it continues. We need fans back! We need that noise not automated noise! We need the boos! We know COVID-19 brought this rule not FIFA, but we will usurp it and fans will return.

In many opinion, Football Used To Be More Fun When These 18 Things Were Allowed. What do you think? Let's hear from you as you share.

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