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Remember "Shaolin Soccer" see how old the cast members are now

"Shaolin Soccer" is a 2001 sports comedy film directed by Stephen Chow, who also stars in the lead role.

A former "Shaolin monk" reunites his five brothers, years after their master's death, to apply their superhuman martial arts skills to play football and bring "Shaolin kung fu" to the masses.

"Mighty Steel Leg" Sing (Stephen Chow): Aside being a "Shaolin Kung Fu monk", He was also the team's striker of the team.

He had the of super strength in his legs which allows him to play extremely powerful kicks to make unstoppable soccer shots.

"Golden Leg" Fung (Ng Man-tat): was a formal player from the 1980s, he became crippled after deliberately losing a match he was bribed for.

Iron Head (Wong Yat-fei): Iron head was the eldest "Shaolin" brother, due to his gift of having a head of steel, he specialized in headers during match.

Hooking Leg (Mok Mei-lam): the second brother, "Hooking Leg", he was skilled with his legs as he could manipulate the ball anyhow he liked.

Iron Shirt (Tin Kai-man): "Iron Shirt" can absorb all kinds of blunt force attacks with little to no injuries, he could could also stop and shot the ball with is stomach. He was the third brother.

"Lightning Hand" (Danny Chan): the fourth brother of the team Lightning Hand, bears much facial and body resemblance to Bruce Lee, even wearing the classic yellow and black jumpsuit from Game of Death. 

The fast reflexes in his hands allowed him to catch objects thrown at him.

Light Weight Vest (Lam Chi-chung): the sixth brother "Light Weight" was obsessed and gluttonous, he had a certain craving for eggs and was capable of jumping incredible heights over his opponents.

Mui (Zhao Wei): was a baker and had a certain love interest with Sing. She uses her incredible "tai chi" skills to manipulate objects to her will.

She could hardly speak Cantonese, but everyone else still understands her and vice versa.

Hung (Patrick Tse): The coach of Team Evil Hung, was "Fung's" former teammate. He was "Fung's" nemesis from past till now.

Thank you.

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