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Why Rival Fans Call Cristiano Ronaldo Penaldo

In the world of football there are both good and bad sides to every player, league or team. As lovers of this great sport, we relish the good areas and try to shun the bad ones, but what happens when rival supporters choose to capitalize on just one area or facet of a player's all-round game?

This is a brief explanation of why football fans or Messi fans, in particular, have decided to label Cristiano Ronaldo with the nickname "Penaldo"

First of all, when rival fans rename players and start their name with a "p" it usually refers to the player's love of taking penalties. As a regular user of Twitter, you see these kinds of nicknames every day, from Pernandes to Pessi to Prealish and even the Borussia Dortmund official page calling Erling Haaland "Perling Paaland". These have become normal in everyday football banter and the origin is not far away from the 5 time Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo.

This nicknaming style started during his time at Madrid when a higher percentage of his goals started coming from penalties. It was quite surprising as he was always on penalty duties for most of his time at the club only for rival fans to start labelling him with it as early as 2015.

It became a trend due to " Penaldo" having a nice ring to it, coupled with the fact that he continued to score penalties. With his goal per season ratio experiencing a sharp decline after his time at Madrid it became more and more obvious that he needed a lot of penalty goals to increase his tally per season. This among many reasons is why the name has stuck.

He has surprisingly stepped down from penalty duties at Man United as the match against Aston Villa proved. Could this be a genuine change in the style of his play or an unwillingness to be labelled "Penaldo" we will find out this season.

Do you think fans are right to call Ronaldo "Penaldo"? Make your opinions known in the comments section.

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