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What if the teams could send the referee to the VAR?

Be careful with your hands. I'm not talking about the coronavirus, but I am talking about a virus that spreads rapidly and that nobody understands. Not even the football players themselves. When is a hand a violation and when is it not? Velasco Carballo, Clos Gómez and Undiano Mallenco offered an explanation of this in a training day for the media. They did a very didactic work, but there are still gray in the interpretation plays. In the so-called "natural or unnatural position".

San Mamés was the focus of attention with the hand of Pau Torres . It seems to me a penalty, but I understand that it is debatable. It is not voluntary, however the defense takes the elbow for a walk. Having your arms behind does not exempt you from being a violation.

Understandably, the referees on the ground have doubts because everything is going so fast. Because of the angle at which they perceive the action, it may seem natural or not. If your description fits the reality of what happened, the VAR does not consider it a clear error and does not claim you to observe the repetition because it cannot.

Here I launch a proposal to discuss. The option that each team has the possibility of sending the referee once per game to the monitor to review a set that they consider doubtful. Something similar to what happens in tennis. Perhaps González Fuertes sees Unai García's hand on Athletic-Osasuna on television and looks like a penalty. I may mediate Jimenez consideration of Pau in Athletic-Villarreal and considered to be in a natural position; or that Muniain was seized by Trigueros ; or believe that the entries from Cazorla to Yuri or Capa toCazorla deserve red ...

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