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Lampard needs to resolve these issues before facing Manchester United in the FA cup semi-finals

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As the rivalry between Manchester United and Chelsea continues to grow especially amongst fans, the two teams will be meeting at Wembley stadium for the final time this season in an epic clash as this will make it the fourth time both teams are meeting this season. Manchester United have shown superior dominance over Chelsea as they have won all their meetings thus season. The big question on most people's mind is : Will Chelsea allow Manchester United to make history of defeating them for four times in a season?

Frank Lampard's boys will definitely try to prove skeptics wrong on Sunday by using every known tactics to defeat Manchester United while Manchester United will be more focused on getting to the FA cup finals and the only way to do that is by securing victory over Chelsea. Therefore it is speculated that the clash between both teams will be a tough one as either teams will not like to be on d loosing side.

Chelsea have won all their matches which Giroud started since the resumption of the premier league. However, Frank Lampard did not consider these things before starting Tammy Abraham. I believe the English manager wont make this mistake again and he should probably choose the right players in order to prevent Manchester United from creating such a disgraceful record against his team.

Also, Chelsea's line of defence needs to be worked on as most of the problems they usually encounter when facing most EPL teams is poor defense. I suggest the club should make plans on how to sign good defenders like Ben Chilwell and Koulibaly but in the mean time, Chelsea needs to work with what they have.

Rudiger is a good defensive player but quiet recently he has been annoying alot of fans in the line of defense as he has been displaying poor defensive skills. Lampard needs to work on Rudiger. He need to know the importance of maintaining a solid defence not only to qualify for semi-finals, but also to avoid creating a record of when Manchester United defeated Chelsea 4 times in a season.

Rudiger could be paired with Zouma as center-backs as both have proven to have formidable in the past. Fikiayo Tomori and Andreas Christensen should be ready to coming should in case any of the centre-backs are not doing well in the line of defense. Alonso and Azpilicueta are to play as left and right backs respectively.

I suggest that Lampard should play a defensive counter attacking pattern of football while meaning a strong defensive and attacking line. Lampard line of attack is not Strong enough at the moment but then if this is the line of attack that kept Chelsea on the third spot in the EPL table, then he can improvise and use them again Man United. Finally Olivier Giroud should be started instead of Tammy Abraham because Giroud is off more threat to defenses than Tammy.

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