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4 Managers Who Could Replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer At Manchester United

Under Solskjaer's management, Manchester United are still an unstable and frustrating team. After achieving good results in the game against Newcastle United, poor performance in the Champions League against the youth team led to a devastating defeat. Solskjaer was tested again. His management in the game continued to confuse the fans. Manchester United often rely on the glamor of their personal talents and do not look like a coached team. Let’s take a look at four executives who could replace Solskjaer at Manchester United.

  4. Erik ten Hag (Ajax)

  Erik ten Hag did an impressive job during Ajax. It seems like it's only a matter of time before the Dutch get into the bigger league. Ten Hag became Ajax's head coach in 2017 and led the club to two titles in the Radiovision and the Champions League semi-finals. Under his management, Frankie de Jong, Matthijs de Ligt and Donny van de Bique flourished and made a lot of money.

  The 51-year-old has previously had ties with Bayern Munich and was offered as a choice for Tottenham Hotspur this summer. Especially van der Beck, he could benefit from the potential of the 10 Pears to join Old Trafford.

 3. Brendan Rodgers (Leicester City)

  Brendan Rodgers' relationship with Liverpool should not prevent Manchester United from seeing him as a possible option. Rogers led Liverpool to second place in the Premier League in 2014, despite a decline in performance after the end of that season. The Northern Irishman then went to the Celtics, where he won with the club two titles in the Scottish Premier League and three titles in the Scottish League Cup. He then returned to the Premier League with Leicester City in 2018.

  Rodgers' Leicester City play attractive football and are known for their smart transfers. The 48-year-old actor is not without his weaknesses, but his work for the Foxes makes him an attractive candidate.

  2. Zidane

  In many ways, the Manchester United team fits in with Zidane's management style.

  Zidane's Real Madrid team is a team full of superstars, and the Frenchman did an admirable job there during his two terms. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Varane are no strangers to Sidon. The two played an important role in the legendary Real Madrid relationship.

  Zidane also admitted in his past admiration for French midfielder Paul Pogba. During Zidane's tenure as head coach, Pogba had close ties with Real Madrid, but the transfer did not materialize. Zidane's ability to play the best level from the star squad makes him an ideal candidate for the Manchester United coach.

  1. Antonio Conte

  The appointment of Antonio Conte to the Manchester United coach has pros and cons.

  Conte is a fickle character, he demands success, and he is not inferior to his team. However, as Chelsea and Inter Milan have discovered in recent years, his personality also makes him a difficult person to deal with.

  On the other hand, the Italian is one of the best coaches in world football. He has won league titles at Juventus, Chelsea and Inter Milan, and is known for his outstanding tactical talent. Manchester United fans may not accept Conte's game. But his winning mentality may be what the Red Devils need.

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