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Former Champion Slams WWE For Allowing Omos To Stay Near AJ Styles' Pod At Elimination Chamber

Sami Zayn wasn't happy with WWE allowing Omos to stay behind AJ Styles' pod during the RAW Elimination Chamber match.

Sami Zayn was one of the six participants in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match last night. He came out with his documentary crew to the ring, which stood just outside his Elimination Chamber pod. Unfortunately for Zayn, an official immediately ejected the crew, leaving him frustrated.

Later in the night, the RAW Elimination Chamber match saw AJ Styles coming out with Omos, who stood outside The Phenomenal One's pod for a brief period of time. Zayn wasn't happy with WWE allowing Omos to be at Styles' side, especially when his documentary crew wasn't allowed at ringside, earlier in the night. Check out his tweet below:

Neither Sami Zayn nor AJ Styles managed to win their respective Elimination Chamber matches

Sami Zayn was determined to come out of the Elimination Chamber with a win. When he made his entrance for the match, his documentary crew accompanied him to the ring but was quickly told to leave by the official.

Sami had a strong showing inside the Elimination Chamber but was eventually eliminated from the match, after being on the receiving end of a Stunner from Kevin Owens. On the RAW side of things, Omos ripped AJ Styles' pod door open with his bare hands, and allowed him to enter the Elimination Chamber from the main door, way before he was scheduled to come out.

This didn't sit well with Adam Pearce, who yelled at Omos and ordered him to leave the spot immediately. As Styles screamed helplessly at Omos to stay, the giant left for the back in a fit of anger. In the end, AJ Styles was pinned by Drew McIntyre, and The Scottish Psychopath thus retained his WWE title belt.

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