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Funny memes about how our Christmas chicken ran away

Trouble is about to start. Had I know, I wouldn't have send my younger brother

After my Dad's instruction, I told my younger brother, Junior to go and give small rice to the chicken before we kill it

That was how the chicken turned into a gladiator, doing like Spartacus

That was how Junior came rushing inside that Chicken has ran away

The chicken has ran away ke? My left kidney began paining me

Chicken has turned into low budget Usain Bolt o. Wahala tie wrapper

Mummy, I am not the one that let the chicken ran away now

Even Ponmo, you will not eat in the house, rubbishing, is it not you that let the chicken escape

Disown me like how? What did I do? What have I done? I didn't slap you now

My account balance look at me and started crying.

We didn't later eat any chicken that day o

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Chicken Junior Ponmo Spartacus Usain Bolt


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